Pleasant Ridge Llamas 
Magical Llamas and Luxury Fiber


Nestled in the rolling hills of White Lake, Michigan, just an hour North of Detroit, Pleasant Ridge Llamas is home to 10 llamas and 2 alpacas. 

It's no wonder camelids have become so popular in the U.S. Their pleasant disposition make them easy to train and enjoyable companions. Their natural good health and low maintenance make them popular with families, busy working folks, and retirees alike.

Llamas and alpacas are clean, quiet, and virtually odorless and have a wide range of uses.

While all llama and alpaca owners enjoy the serenity of just watching these graceful animals, many fiber artists also appreciate their warm, lanolin free fiber for spinning, knitting, weaving and felting.

Llamas , known in South America as the "truck of the Andes" , make excellent trail companions packing up to 80 pounds of provisions and navigating difficult terrain.

Llamas are increasingly used as livestock guardians, effectively protecting sheep, goats and alpacas against predators.

Both enjoy many public relations and therapy jobs such as school, hospital and nursing home visits.

Others learn to pull carts, march in parades, show in 4-H and compete in numerous sanctioned  shows across the nation, winning points and ribbons.

The llamas and alpacas of Pleasant Ridge are lovingly raised for gentle disposition, robust health and fine usable fiber.

My llamas are registered with the ILR
( International Llama Registry) and  alpacas with the ARI. I am a long standing member of the MLA ( Michigan Lama Association.)

Llamas have been part of my life for the past 20 years and the alpacas have resided at the ranch for the past 14.

I welcome the opportunity to offer support to anyone looking for information and visitors are welcome by appointment. 

Camilla "Kim" Fitzgerald
5200 Jackson Blvd.
White Lake, MI 48383

                Amber Wave

Mission Statement

Pleasant Ridge Llamas is dedicated to providing show and investment quality llamas.
 Breeding goals are: excellent conformation, fine fiber and friendly, cooperative dispositions.

My Commitment is:

To provide my llamas with the highest level of care, treating each one as a unique individual.

To place my llamas with responsible and informed people to assure their continued well being.

To help educate people about llamas and their care and to be an ongoing source of information and support.

To deal with my animals, with clients and the public with integrity.